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E S K I L     S T E E N B E R G

Everything on this site was written and designed by me, Eskil Steenberg. I work as an indipendent resercher and developer trying to be my very own little "Xerox PARC", "Lucasfilm R&D" or "Skunk Works". My interest are in the areas of graphics, interface design, networking, game design, film and society in general. I have given talks and consulted at places like: GDC, Siggraph, GDCE, FITC, The blender conference, Eurographics, Blizzard, EA, Sony, Sony Imageworks, ILM, Media molecule, Google, Pixar, CAA, BBC, Autodesk, SideFX, The Foundry and many more. I like free software and I try to make as much as possible of my work open source. If you like any of my work please consider donating or just send me an encurrageing mail. When im not programming im ususaly traveling, reding wikipedia or writing film scripts.