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  • Win 32 pack - version shown at Blender 2002 Conf
  • Source code (C)- version shown at Blender 2002 Conf
  • Presentation
  • Original Blender text
  • Win 32 pack - dev version R3
  • Source pack - dev version R3
  • Linux version and verse - dev version R3
  • Linux bin only - dev version R3

  • A B O U T
    This is very early and experimental code and It is very buggy and not even remotely usefull and shuld only be downloaded if you are interested in the technical aspects of 3D. In other words, there is no real reason why i release the source , but there is also no reason whuy I shuld not. Mail any comments of suggestions to: eskil@obsession.se I will try to answer as much as possible. Linux port by Jerry Siebe