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Come get your Love on.

Date: 2011-01-20, 16:09PM GMT

Me, attractive game with lots of potential, You, gamer wanting to experience something new but afraid of getting hurt. We meet a few months ago on that blog (or was it a message board?) and I could tell my good looks and high maintanance was intimidating you.

But when I saw you twiddle that joystick, that's all I needed to see to put you in my save file. I know you have been hurt before, but I promise I wont just use you as a gold farmer or ask you for micro payments. So take off that live headset and get with some one who knows the path to your heart is not found through grenade spam or calling you a f*g. You cant buy yourself no happiness with a achievement points! You need some proper lovin. For 10 Euros ill let you go all raw dog for SIX months. Thats some long term poonany commitment for ya.

Let me break it down for you. Here is a list of everything ive done since last "release" to make you feel all wet and comfy when you get back in my lovin arms:

Added new Desert area.
Added new Beach area.
Added new ice area.
Added new torn tundra area.
Added mines and mining.
Completely redesigned Kondosant settlements.
Completely redesigned Clondo settlements.
Added gas fields.
Flowers now grow in parts of the world.
Clay can now be harvested under water.
Players no longer gets default tokens.
Tribes now manufacture Dark matter.
Completely rewritten AI director system.
Tribes now can build outposts from where they can attack settlements using bomb pods and turrets.
Friendly Tribes can now help defend players by attacking the attacker.
Tribes can now occupy players and each other.
Players can now befriend AI.
AI may come to players to get help, or to show players something going on in the world.
Friendly tribes can redirect power lines to their friends.
Tribes may come visit Players in order to give them tokens and other gifts.
Players can now get titles as they play the game.
The player wh creates the settlement will become "Mother".
Tribes will now offer players tribe specific tokens that lets players mimic their architecture.
Players can create Acids Pod To break down the ground.
Players can create Anti Chaffs Pod to make radios broadcast on all channels.
Players can create Anti-Gravity Pods.
Players can create Bounce Pods to enable players to jump higher.
Players can create Cable Pods for fast transport.
Players can create Chaff Pods to disrupt turrets and radios.
Players can create Fire Pods that set environments on fire.
Players can create Freeze Pods that can freeze water.
Players can create Gravity Pods to reduce or increase gravity.
Players can create Health Pods to heal players and AI.
Players can create Poison pods, to drain health.
Players can create Power Pods to create a electrical storm that can power machines.
Players can create Rock Pods make the ground grow.
Players can create time Pods to slow down or speed up time.
Players can create Smoke Pod to hide in.
Players can create Growth Pods to grow grass.
Players can create Light Pods to light up an area.
Players can create Black Hole pods.
Added Tesla turrets.
Added Slug turrets.
AI now uses teleporters.
Re-written the spawning system.
Players can now give Pods and tokens.
Added double and triple melders.
Added matter storage.
Added Empty pod manufacture.
Windmills can now work as fans.
Windmills now can act as hydro electric generators.
Force fields can now be upgraded with matter mixes.
Explosives can now be upgraded with matter mixes.
Added Omprelly core of Power, that gives players infinite power.
Added Clondo source of life, that heal players.
Added Condita Orb of Knowledge map.
Added Gindra gift from above balloon flight.
Added Kondosant dark star ability to turn to the dark side.
AI can heal friendly players.
AI can acid pod bridges to stop players.
AI can create an area of denial using fire pods.
AI can use sticky pods to take back stolen tokens.
AI can use speed pod to make friendly players fire faster.
AI can use Force fields to protect friendly players.
AI standing above players can trow down cable pods to pull them up.
Players can tag AI enemies.
Players can request an item to be powered.
Players can request an item to be disrupted.
Players can request placement of tokens.
Players can request tokens to be picked up.
Client now lets players save out a 3D mesh (in .obj format) of the world with textures.
Client now lets the player save out huge paper craft map of the world.
Client now lets the player save out sheet of all the games icons.
You can now press tab to see who is on-line.
You can now save compasses pointing to other players.
Brand new animation system and editor (
Built in performance analysis tool (
Significant performance improvements.
Added Built in tutorial.
Added Help system.
Added Tutorial video. (

Come on, Suga, All I want is you (Unless your hot friend wants to join in, then im fine with that too)
Come meet me at Quel Solaar

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