Love - Online Procedural Adventiure Game Quel Solaar - Verse Rendering Engine Loq Airou 3D DSD modeling tool Co On - Verse Asset Scene Graph and Management Tool Nil Salentinn - Color Correction and editing tool Un wraped - A fully automatic UV unwraper Adri Om - Data visualization system Confuce - Procedural Character animator BubblEd - A simple toy that lets you build 3D models with spheres Verse - Realtime networking protocol for 3D graphic Technology files - Dowload tools and source code About - Eskil Steenberg and this site News and updates
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  • Gameplay demo (download)

  • Tool and development demo (download)
  • Recorded with the help of Area5

  • Teaser trailer
  • Hosting Curtesy of

    May user made videos of LOVE can be found on YouTube.