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G A M E P L A Y     F E A T U R E S :

  • First Person Action Gameplay.
  • Fully Cooperative.
  • Create a settlement and defend it from 5 different AI Tribes.
  • Use tools tools to recshape the environment and build settlements.
  • Explore the world and find "Tokens" to give your settlement new abillities and items
  • Traverse the terain using tools and jump skills to gain access to new areas.
  • Find knowlage that will reveal the secrets of the world.
  • Use radio frequencies to control equipment and keep in contact with other players.
  • Manufacture Powerups that can be used to give your settlement an advantage.
  • Build force feilds, radar stations, sensors and turrets to protect your settlement.
  • Build powergrids to power your settlement manufacturing and defences.
  • Disrupt and Hack the enemies infrastructure to use it to your advantage.
  • And much much more....

  • + Engine Features:

  • Built on OpenGL 2.0 (GLSL, FBOs and VBOs)
  • High/ low end mode.
  • Procedural animation.
  • IK with full ground contact.
  • Full day/night cycles.
  • Animated watter.
  • Particle systems including fog and smoke.
  • Highly optimized per polygon ray intersection.
  • Wind affecting watter, grass and trees.
  • Full shadow castiung including volumetric lighting.
  • Multiple indipendent dynamic lightsources.
  • Low latency UDP based network protocol.
  • Custom built Master server infrastructure.
  • Full cloth sim with acurate wind simulation.
  • Entire world is editable and destructable.
  • Realtime WYSIWYG Verse based pipeline and tools
  • Procedurally generated spherical, multi level height fields. Landscape, Building and City generation
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