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LOVE is a cooperative online first person adventiure game. You play as a scavanger on a small planet who together with other scvangers will build a settlement by placeing a Monolith some where in the world. This Monolith makes the ground lose so that you can shape the environment around it in to what ever you want. Build walls, catacoms, houses and shape your settlement any way you want.

To strengthen and evolve your settlement, you will need to head out in to the world to find tokens to bring back the settlement. Once placed in the settlement they give everyone in the settlement new tools to build new things and new abillities. With time you will gain tokens that will let you build powergrids to build defences and to manufacture power up pods.

On this planet you are not alone. Five other tribes The Omprelly Enclave, The Clondo Tribe, The Gindra Traders, The Kondosant Clan and The Con Dotita Raiders build their own settlements and compete for resources. They each hold their own token types that grant the settlements that can get them new powers. These tribs wont idely stand by if you provoke them, they may imprisson you, shell your settlement, attack it, or even occupye it. You may destry their settlements but they will regroup and rebuild them somewhere else. Each time with a new design and a new chalanges.

This Planet is far from stabile, over time it changes, new mountains rise and old ones fall in to the sea. With many different areas, from feilds to canions to might glaciers, it constantly offer new things to explore.

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